My Cat Isn’t on Board with Your Plastic Bag Ban

When “eco-friendly” means more trash, rethink your plan

I can’t believe I did it, the thing I’d vowed to eschew for as long as I could possibly manage. I clicked over to Amazon and begrudgingly placed an order. For a box of 350 plastic grocery bags. My cats made me do it.

I shouldn’t have needed more. It felt ridiculous — I had going-on 19 tons of grocery bags sitting in my house. But since last year, when my city passed a flimsy-plastic-bag moratorium, everything had changed. My grocery store…

In this house we believe heterodox things you can’t mass-produce for yard display

Facebook Firestorm — image by

I posted the above photo on Facebook and opened up a can of woke backlash. I assumed nearly everyone had seen the original “In this house we believe…” signs that were being riffed on. I also figured they annoyed plenty of people as much as they annoyed me. The response sign, as I see it, is a funny and inoffensive prodding to both recognize the division the original signs breed and move beyond catchphrases about contentious topics toward critical thinking and real discussion. How can we know…

Congress and corporate America feed the division so they can keep pillaging

Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

A pandemic is sweeping the country, driving over 40 million Americans out of work. Protests have sprung up in major cities and small towns, citizens pouring into the streets to rally against police violence and racial injustice. A record seventy-five percent of the country think we’re on the wrong track, as democracy of the people, by the people and, most especially, for the people is perishing. There is unprecedented unrest and uprising, all of it seemingly bent on a single demand: racial injustices in policing must end. …

Keala Settle’s Lettie Lutz, the Bearded Lady from The Greatest Showman, Channels Maria from The Sound of Music

Showman is the movie we’ve waited fifty years for and a new generation’s cultural touchstone

When The Sound of Music premiered in 1965, the long-lived wave of movie musicals was already breaking. The movie was ruthlessly panned by reviewers, who mocked it for its supposed sappiness and overly-loose take on the facts. It went on to play in movie theaters for over four years and stands today as the third highest grossing movie of all time.

Fast forward just over fifty years, and we find another movie released to a barrage of criticism aimed at its alleged shallowness and whitewashing…

Cheryl Cory

Lover of The Sound of Music and author of the novels MUST’VE DONE SOMETHING GOOD and WE HAVE CONFIDENCE! Tweets @PineconeMoment

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